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Author of the Century Shippey PB  Author of the Century Shippey PB  Books about J.R.R. Tolkien  $11.99 
Author of the Century Shippey Paperback

In a wonderfully readable study aimed at not just the Tolkien fan but any literate person curious about this fantasy author's extraordinary popularity, British scholar Shippey (The Road to Middle-earth) makes an impressive, low-key case for why the creator of Middle-earth is deserving of acclaim. (Recent polls in Britain have consistently put The ... More Info...
LOTR Official Movie Guide HC  LOTR Official Movie Guide HC  Books About the LOTR Movies  $22.49 
Lord of the Rings Official Movie Guide Hardcover

An introduction to the talented actors and filmmakers who have labored for years to bring Tolkien's work to the screen.

For several years, a huge team of dedicated moviemakers has been transforming the exotic landscapes of New Zealand into the Middle-earth of J.R.R. Tolkien's epic masterwork, The Lord of the Rings. It is a ma... More Info...
The Art of The Return of the King  The Art of The Return of the King  Books About the LOTR Movies  $28.99 
The Art of The Return of the King - Hardcover

Book Description
With Peter Jackson's Acadamy Award-winning epic motion picture trilogy drawing to a spectacular and triumphant close, Gary Russell's detailed research takes us back into the world of Middle-earth, to relive all the visual drama and excitement of The Return of the King.

The Art of The Return of the King illus... More Info...
Defending Middle-Earth by Curry  Defending Middle-Earth by Curry  Books About Tolkien's World  $5.25 
Defending Middle-Earth (Tolkien: Myth and Modernity) by Patrick Curry - Paperback UK Edition

Although highly popular "The Lord of the Rings" has also been widely labelled as reactionary and escapist by hostile critics. This text shows just how mistaken they are. He reveals Tolkien's profound and subtle advocacy of community, ecology and spiritual values against the destructive forces... More Info...
The Road to Middle-Earth by Tom Shippey  The Road to Middle-Earth by Tom Shippey  Books About Tolkien's World  $11.99 
The Road to Middle-Earth by Tom Shippey

The Road to Middle-earth is a fascinating and accessible exploration of J.R.R. Tolkien's creativity and the sources of his inspiration. Tom Shippey shows in detail how Tolkien's professional background led him to write The Hobbit and how he created a timeless charm for millions of readers. He discusses the contribution of The Silmarillion and Unf... More Info...
Walking with Frodo PB  Walking with Frodo PB  Books About Tolkien's World  $8.99 
Walking with Frodo Paperback

J.R.R Tolkien was a believer in Christ who wove his faith into his writing. His heroes fight a war against the forces of darkness - a war in which every decidion counts. Walking with Frodo leads you through nine pairs of choices - darkness or light, betrayal or loyalty, deception or honesty, to name just a few - and reveals what the Bible has to say about ... More Info...
Elven Brooch (Movie License)  Elven Brooch (Movie License)  Brooches & Bracelets  $89.99 

The Elven Brooch

An exact reproduction of the leaf brooch worn by the members of the Fellowship of the Ring from the movie trilogy The Lord of the Rings is now available in finely handcrafted solid sterling silver and rich green enameling. This inspiring and beautiful piece symbolizes the spirit and bond of those entrusted to save Middle-Earth.

This is the offici... More Info...

Elven Leaf Brooch (Book License)  Elven Leaf Brooch (Book License)  Brooches & Bracelets  $59.99 

Elven Leaf Brooch

A delicate green leaf brooch veined in silver, designed from the leaves of the English Beech Tree. The Elven and Faerie Folk of lore dwell and coexist with the trees of the forest. Their love of their leafy neighbors and friends inspired this pin.

The brooch is cast in solid sterling silver and each pin is hand polished and finished with rich gr... More Info...

Fellowship of the Ring BBC Tapes  Fellowship of the Ring BBC Tapes  Cassette Books  $22.99 
The Fellowship of the Ring dramatized by a full cast by the BBC

Abridged 4 hours on 4 cassettes

TT Code - A103

... More Info...
Fellowship of the Ring Unabridg.  Fellowship of the Ring Unabridg.  Cassette Books  $31.99 
Unabridged Fellowship of the Ring on Tape with Robert Inglis

15 hours of unabridged recording on 11 Cassettes This is the only unabridged recording available on Cassette!

Robert Inglis is a brilliant British actor who does an amazing job with the character's voices.

TT Code - A137

... More Info...
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