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Friday 03 December, 2021
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“We wanted to take the time to say thank you for another perfect FLAWLESS year of shopping with you. Time and time again, they have shown nothing short of ultimate patience, compassion, and total professionalism toward us in getting any problems solved. Now THAT'S CS at its best!! And it says alot about your company and its staff. This is why we shop with you and will do so for years to come. I call it Retail Civility. And we wanted you to know just how we feel about your company. Thanks again for everything.”
- Randolph, MA
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Helms Deep Uruk-Hai Magnet
Helms Deep Uruk-Hai Magnet
Bestsellers - LOTR Items
01. Arwen Evenstar Pendant
02. The One Ring - Gold w/ chain
03. The Ring of Aragorn - Silver
04. Elven Brooch (Movie License)
05. Nenya - Galadriels Ring Silver
06. The One Ring - Black w/ Chain
07. Silver w/ Black - The One Ring
08. Legolas Red Sun Postcard
09. Gold Plated Silver One Ring
10. Legolas Two Towers Postcard
LOTR Item Reviews
Arwen Evenstar Pendant
I just received this about an hour ago and it is THE MOST be ..
5 of 5 Stars!
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